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Full NameBornLocationWorkExtra
Reg Bennett1952 (69)Isle of Wight, UKEtcher (Semi Retired)
Reg A Bennett1964 (57)Isle of Wight, UKArtist (Retired)Inherited a large fortune from his uncle [more]
Reg B Bennett1998 (23)Kent, UKHospital porter
Reg C Bennett1999 (22)Surrey, UKChiropractor
Reg D Bennett1933 (88)Kent, UKSolicitor (Semi Retired)
Reg E Bennett1966 (55)Sussex, UKSales rep (Semi Retired)
Reg F Bennett2001 (20)Kent, UKUsher
Reg G Bennett1940 (81)Surrey, UKDirector (Semi Retired)
Reg H Bennett1959 (62)Surrey, UKAdvertising executive (Semi Retired)
Reg I Bennett1933 (88)Isle of Wight, UKUsher (Semi Retired)
Reg J Bennett1988 (33)Sussex, UKLegal secretary
Reg K Bennett1967 (54)Hampshire, UKZoologist
Reg L Bennett1993 (28)Kent, UKSales rep
Reg M Bennett1982 (39)Surrey, UKSession musician
Reg N Bennett1958 (63)Sussex, UKCashier (Semi Retired)
Reg O Bennett1991 (30)Dorset, UKEmbalmer Is believed to own a £1M mansion in Turkey [more]
Reg P Bennett1997 (24)Hampshire, UKSolicitor
Reg R Bennett1998 (23)Hampshire, UKSession musician
Reg S Bennett1999 (22)Isle of Wight, UKAstronomer
Reg T Bennett1934 (87)Sussex, UKSalesman (Semi Retired)
Reg V Bennett1986 (35)Hampshire, UKAir traffic controller
Reg W Bennett1963 (58)Sussex, UKPersonal trainer (Semi Retired)
Reg Bennett1986 (35)Isle of Wight, UKHospital porter
Reg Bennett1966 (55)Isle of Wight, UKSalesman (Semi Retired)
Reg Bennett2001 (20)Sussex, UKGroundsman
Reg Bennett1960 (61)Kent, UKDriver (Semi Retired)
Reg Bennett1996 (25)Surrey, UKPersonal assistant Recently sold a £2M mansion in Spain [more]
Reg BO Bennett1993 (28)Surrey, UKSurveyor
Reg T Bennett1932 (89)London, UKCook (Semi Retired)
Reg V Bennett1962 (59)Sussex, UKUsher (Semi Retired)
Reg W Bennett2003 (18)Surrey, UKPersonal trainer
Reg Bennett2002 (19)Isle of Wight, UKApp delevoper
Reg Bennett1999 (22)Dorset, UKZoo keeper
Reg Bennett2002 (19)Dorset, UKOptician
Reg Bennett1981 (40)Surrey, UKBotanist
Reg Bennett2003 (18)Hampshire, UKMusician
Reg Bennett1989 (32)Dorset, UKArchitect Is believed to own a yacht that was moored at Portsmouth [more]
Reg Bennett1976 (45)Sussex, UKEditor Purchased a seaside mansion in Geneva worth about £8M [more]
Reg BI Bennett1940 (81)Sussex, UKVocalist (Semi Retired)
Reg BW Bennett1996 (25)London, UKDriver
Reg CK Bennett1999 (22)Isle of Wight, UKCook
Reg BA Bennett1988 (33)Surrey, UKAstronomer Recently sold a yacht that was moored at Portsmouth [more]
Reg H Bennett2002 (19)Sussex, UKArchitect
Reg I Bennett1979 (42)Sussex, UKActor
Reg J Bennett1975 (46)London, UKBotanist
Reg K Bennett1978 (43)Sussex, UKAstronomer
Reg L Bennett2000 (21)Hampshire, UKWaiter
Reg M Bennett2001 (20)Isle of Wight, UKApp delevoper
Reg N Bennett1950 (71)London, UKChef (Semi Retired)Served for two years in the navy [more]
Reg O Bennett1992 (29)London, UKSoftware engineer
Reg P Bennett1949 (72)Dorset, UKEtcher (Semi Retired)
Reg R Bennett1990 (31)Dorset, UKUsher
Reg S Bennett1987 (34)Hampshire, UKOptometrist
Reg T Bennett1940 (81)Hampshire, UKAir traffic controller (Semi Retired)
Reg V Bennett2000 (21)Sussex, UKSinger
Reg W Bennett2001 (20)London, UKCarpenter Purchased a superyacht that was moored at Portsmouth [more]
Reg Bennett1999 (22)London, UKEditor
Reg Bennett1990 (31)Sussex, UKArtist
Reg Bennett1964 (57)Sussex, UKAstronomer (Semi Retired)
Reg Bennett1964 (57)Kent, UKVet (Semi Retired)
Reg Bennett1976 (45)Surrey, UKWaiter
Reg Bennett1998 (23)Hampshire, UKSongwriter
Reg Bennett1981 (40)Isle of Wight, UKChef
Reg Bennett1999 (22)Surrey, UKLawer
Reg A Bennett1996 (25)Hampshire, UKPostman
Reg B Bennett2002 (19)London, UKZoo keeper
Reg C Bennett1998 (23)Sussex, UKZoo keeper
Reg D Bennett1956 (65)Sussex, UKCook (Semi Retired)
Reg E Bennett1974 (47)Surrey, UKFinancier
Reg F Bennett1958 (63)London, UKSales rep (Semi Retired)
Reg G Bennett1996 (25)Surrey, UKApp delevoper Recently sold a superyacht that was moored at Canns [more]
Reg H Bennett1999 (22)Surrey, UKSurveyor
Reg I Bennett2002 (19)Sussex, UKVet Is believed to own a creekside mansion in Paris worth about £6M [more]
Reg J Bennett1980 (41)Dorset, UKActuary
Reg K Bennett1975 (46)Dorset, UKExotic dancer
Reg L Bennett1969 (52)Isle of Wight, UKEditor (Semi Retired)
Reg M Bennett1969 (52)Hampshire, UKVet
Reg N Bennett1976 (45)Sussex, UKActuary
Reg O Bennett1992 (29)Hampshire, UKLegal secretary
Reg P Bennett1954 (67)Surrey, UKBookbinder (Semi Retired)
Reg R Bennett1973 (48)Isle of Wight, UKSalesman
Reg S Bennett1987 (34)Sussex, UKExotic dancer
Reg T Bennett1987 (34)Kent, UKEngraver
Reg V Bennett1944 (77)Hampshire, UKArtist (Semi Retired)
Reg W Bennett1957 (64)Dorset, UKAccountant (Semi Retired)
Reg Bennett1977 (44)Hampshire, UKActor Inherited a sizable collection of very rare paintings from his grandma [more]
Reg Bennett1978 (43)Hampshire, UKBuilder
Reg Bennett1972 (49)Surrey, UKSoftware engineer
Reg Bennett1985 (36)Sussex, UKOptician
Reg Bennett1988 (33)Dorset, UKBaker
Reg Bennett2000 (21)Sussex, UKCook
Reg Bennett1991 (30)London, UKLegal secretary
Reg C Bennett1981 (40)Hampshire, UKFinancier
Reg D Bennett1991 (30)London, UKDentist
Reg E Bennett1979 (42)Kent, UKEmbalmer
Reg F Bennett1998 (23)Isle of Wight, UKBotanist
Reg G Bennett2001 (20)Isle of Wight, UKCoroner
Reg H Bennett1938 (83)Kent, UKElectrician (Semi Retired)
Reg I Bennett1992 (29)London, UKVeterinary surgeon
Reg J Bennett1994 (27)Kent, UKDancer
Reg K Bennett1976 (45)Isle of Wight, UKLegal secretary Served for 22 years in the marines [more]
Reg L Bennett1990 (31)Isle of Wight, UKCook
Reg M Bennett1984 (37)Hampshire, UKDesigner
Reg N Bennett1946 (75)Isle of Wight, UKSoftware engineer (Semi Retired)
Reg O Bennett1995 (26)Surrey, UKAstronomer
Reg P Bennett1991 (30)Sussex, UKCarpenter
Reg R Bennett1990 (31)Isle of Wight, UKSongwriter
Reg S Bennett1989 (32)Sussex, UKApp delevoper Served for 22 years in the police force [more]
Reg T Bennett1971 (50)Sussex, UKBookbinder (Semi Retired)
Reg V Bennett1987 (34)Hampshire, UKInvestor
Reg W Bennett1991 (30)Isle of Wight, UKAstronomer
Reg Bennett1955 (66)Kent, UKActuary (Semi Retired)
Reg Bennett1999 (22)Surrey, UKAir traffic controller
Reg Bennett2003 (18)Dorset, UKPostman
Reg Bennett1989 (32)Surrey, UKBookbinder
Reg Bennett1969 (52)Kent, UKBailiff (Semi Retired)Served for four years in the special forces [more]
Reg Bennett1965 (56)Surrey, UKPostman (Retired)
Reg A Bennett2003 (18)Sussex, UKFile clerk
Reg B Bennett1975 (46)Sussex, UKEmbalmer
Reg C Bennett1977 (44)Hampshire, UKDentist
Reg D Bennett1999 (22)Sussex, UKEditor
Reg E Bennett1984 (37)Dorset, UKDentist
Reg F Bennett1945 (76)Kent, UKSession musician (Semi Retired)
Reg G Bennett1987 (34)Hampshire, UKPole dancer
Reg H Bennett1986 (35)Isle of Wight, UKPersonal assistant
Reg I Bennett1978 (43)Hampshire, UKSoftware engineer Served in the fire brigade for three years [more]
Reg J Bennett1952 (69)Kent, UKBookbinder (Semi Retired)
Reg K Bennett1983 (38)Dorset, UKInvestor
Reg L Bennett1972 (49)Surrey, UKFinancier
Reg M Bennett1962 (59)Hampshire, UKFile clerk (Semi Retired)Inherited a sizable collection of rare ancient maps from his uncle [more]
Reg N Bennett1993 (28)Kent, UKAuditor
Reg O Bennett1995 (26)London, UKApp delevoper
Reg P Bennett1979 (42)Dorset, UKActuary
Reg R Bennett1979 (42)Dorset, UKEtcher
Reg S Bennett1990 (31)Sussex, UKDentist
Reg T Bennett2003 (18)Isle of Wight, UKBookkeeper
Reg V Bennett1984 (37)Sussex, UKInterior designer
Reg W Bennett1997 (24)Kent, UKConcierge
Reg Bennett1980 (41)Kent, UKCook Owns a few high-ticket properties and is believed to be worth nearly £8M [more]
Reg Bennett1989 (32)Sussex, UKDentist
Reg Bennett1986 (35)Dorset, UKZoo keeper
Reg Bennett1984 (37)Hampshire, UKOptometrist
Reg Bennett2002 (19)Sussex, UKSession musician Served for 5 years in the marines [more]
Reg A Bennett1993 (28)London, UKOncologist
Reg BH Bennett1996 (25)Dorset, UKEmbalmer
Reg CI Bennett2003 (18)Hampshire, UKMusician
Reg BR Bennett1991 (30)Isle of Wight, UKVet
Reg E Bennett1985 (36)Kent, UKOncologist
Reg F Bennett1971 (50)Kent, UKUnderwriter

  • Locations are taken from recent data sources but still may be out of date. It includes all UK counties: London, Kent, Essex, Sussex
  • Vocations (jobs / work) may be out of date due to the person retiring, dying or just moving on.
  • Wealth can be aggregated from tax returns, property registers, marine registers and CAA for private aircraft.
  • Military service can be found in government databases, social media and by associations. It includes time served in the army (Infantry, artillary, REME, ROC, RMP, etc), navy, RAF, police (uniformed and plain clothes), fire brigade and prison service.
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