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Full NameBornLocationWorkExtra
Mat Kensole1955 (67)Hampshire, UKCashier (Semi Retired)
Mat A Kensole1996 (26)Dorset, UKChiropractor
Mat B Kensole1972 (50)Kent, UKNurse
Mat C Kensole2003 (19)Hampshire, UKFile clerk
Mat D Kensole2001 (21)Surrey, UKPole dancer
Mat E Kensole1977 (45)Dorset, UKMusician
Mat F Kensole1987 (35)Hampshire, UKAccountant
Mat G Kensole1963 (59)Sussex, UKFarmer (Semi Retired)
Mat H Kensole1949 (73)Kent, UKEditor (Semi Retired)
Mat I Kensole2002 (20)Sussex, UKEngraver Owns a few luxury properties and is believed to be worth over £12M [more]
Mat J Kensole1989 (33)Dorset, UKEmbalmer
Mat K Kensole1989 (33)Hampshire, UKUsher
Mat L Kensole1983 (39)London, UKSurgeon Owns a few luxury properties and is believed to be worth about £200K [more]
Mat M Kensole1992 (30)Kent, UKConcierge
Mat N Kensole1970 (52)Isle of Wight, UKArchitect (Semi Retired)
Mat O Kensole1994 (28)Isle of Wight, UKCook
Mat P Kensole1989 (33)Sussex, UKBotanist
Mat R Kensole1997 (25)Surrey, UKDentist
Mat S Kensole2000 (22)Kent, UKUnderwriter
Mat T Kensole1999 (23)Kent, UKZoologist
Mat V Kensole2003 (19)Sussex, UKApp delevoper
Mat W Kensole1992 (30)Kent, UKGraphic designer
Mat Kensole1953 (69)London, UKSoftware engineer (Semi Retired)Inherited a sizable collection of rare coins from his grandma [more]
Mat Kensole1948 (74)Surrey, UKExotic dancer (Semi Retired)
Mat Kensole1992 (30)Sussex, UKVocalist
Mat Kensole2002 (20)Dorset, UKBarber
Mat Kensole2004 (18)London, UKDancer
Mat AE Kensole1997 (25)Surrey, UKFile clerk
Mat CG Kensole1967 (55)Kent, UKInvestor
Mat CP Kensole1975 (47)Isle of Wight, UKLawer
Mat A Kensole1965 (57)Surrey, UKFile clerk (Semi Retired)
Mat B Kensole1980 (42)Isle of Wight, UKApp delevoper
Mat C Kensole1975 (47)Kent, UKCarpenter
Mat D Kensole1991 (31)Dorset, UKBotanist
Mat E Kensole1931 (91)Sussex, UKArchitect (Semi Retired)
Mat F Kensole1964 (58)Sussex, UKOptometrist (Semi Retired)
Mat G Kensole1949 (73)Sussex, UKLegal secretary (Semi Retired)
Mat H Kensole1991 (31)London, UKUnderwriter
Mat I Kensole2004 (18)Dorset, UKUnderwriter
Mat J Kensole1947 (75)Isle of Wight, UKBarber (Semi Retired)
Mat K Kensole1968 (54)Hampshire, UKInvestor
Mat L Kensole2003 (19)Hampshire, UKActuary Inherited a big estate from his grandpa [more]
Mat M Kensole1993 (29)Kent, UKInterior designer
Mat N Kensole1955 (67)Hampshire, UKInterior designer (Semi Retired)
Mat O Kensole1977 (45)Surrey, UKDirector
Mat P Kensole1985 (37)Hampshire, UKSession musician
Mat R Kensole2004 (18)London, UKDriver
Mat S Kensole2003 (19)Isle of Wight, UKActor
Mat T Kensole1966 (56)Hampshire, UKGraphic designer (Semi Retired)
Mat V Kensole1979 (43)Hampshire, UKChef
Mat W Kensole1940 (82)Isle of Wight, UKCoroner (Semi Retired)
Mat Kensole1960 (62)Hampshire, UKOptician (Semi Retired)
Mat Kensole1999 (23)Dorset, UKLegal secretary Purchased a superyacht that was moored at Port Hercules [more]
Mat Kensole1994 (28)London, UKBuilder
Mat Kensole1997 (25)Surrey, UKDentist
Mat Kensole2001 (21)Kent, UKWaiter
Mat M Kensole2000 (22)Surrey, UKZoologist

  • Locations are taken from recent data sources but still may be out of date. It includes all UK counties: London, Kent, Essex, Sussex
  • Vocations (jobs / work) may be out of date due to the person retiring, dying or just moving on.
  • Wealth can be aggregated from tax returns, property registers, marine registers and CAA for private aircraft.
  • Military service can be found in government databases, social media and by associations. It includes time served in the army (Infantry, artillary, REME, ROC, RMP, etc), navy, RAF, police (uniformed and plain clothes), fire brigade and prison service.
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